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Owner and Founder

Elizabeth Cruz - Owner
My name is Elizabeth Cruz, and I am owner of Cara Mia (My Face) Esthetics. I have been in the Skincare Therapy Business for over 13 years and I love helping people with their skin!

Over the years, I have learned through ongoing education and experience what works best in each stage of therapy. With highly effective products like Dermalogica and Eminence for cleansing and purifying the skin, manual extractions and high frequency/galvanic treatments, I have been able to rid the skin of bacteria and blemishes.

Purifying the back is also a great pleasure as breakouts on the back can sometimes be present when facial blemishes occur.

Clearing the skin, retexturizing it and bringing back the luminescence of youthful skin is my greatest pleasure! Here at Cara Mia body, mind and spirit become balanced and I hope that every visit is an experience that you will never forget. This is my goal with each and every treatment.